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2024 ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training (REFRESHER)

2024 ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training (REFRESHER)

2024 ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training (REFRESHER)


 Revalidation training  MUST take place every 2 years 

Once enrolled into the SELF-PACED training you have up until your expiry date in which to complete the training.  You may enrol anytime within 3 months of current valid certificate expiration.

It is a requirement that you have a copy of the IATA Regulations for use during the training. AND as from 1st January, 2024 the 65th Edition.

This training contains VIDEO instructions which may be re-played as often as you want.  Please ensure you view ALL VIDEO's as they contain specific instructions.

On completion of all Sections you are required to complete a Final Exam (Assessment), this is in 2 PARTS, Part 1 consists of BANKED, COMPUTER GENERATED, RANDOMIZED questions.  Part 2 is in the form of a PDF fillable exam, which is completed on-line, digitally signed and submitted to DANGEROUS GOODS TRAINING INTERNATIONAL for marking.

We hope you enjoy the training !!!!!


  • You MUST have received previous Dangerous Goods Training within the previous 2 years
  • You MUST have (and be able to supply a copy of) a  current/valid previous training certificate
  • If your previous training certificate has expired, it is mandatory that you attend INITIAL TRAINING instead
  • You may attend a REVALIDATION course up to 3 months prior to the expiration date (i.e. XXX trained on October 15th 2020 - certificate expires on October 15th 2022).  If XXX decided to train prior to the expiration date i.e.  Aug 15th 2022, the new certificate would still be valid until October 31st 2024.

For more information on what you will need for your training, training information and exam day, please click on the link symbol to download a detailed information sheet.