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Dangerous Goods Training USA is owned and managed by Caroline Ways, who has a comprehensive range of industry sales and customer service experience worldwide and has instructors such as Caroline Ways who has been a very proactive leader in the development of comprehensive hazardous materials training programmes for over two decades. 

While living in the United Kingdom, Caroline qualified as a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA UK) Dangerous Goods Instructor while also being recognised in this role by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). She spent many years as a certified instructor of ADR (European Dangerous Goods by Road), CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods), and Cargo Security.

Caroline continues to conduct training for the US market and has spent over a decade training here.  Her courses include ICAO/IATA (Dangerous Goods by Air), IMDG (Dangerous Goods by Sea) and DOT 49 CFR (United States Department of Transportation Multi-Modal Domestic regulations).

Now based in Australia, Caroline has received government authorisations to conduct CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) training, with more courses to be added shortly.

To better meet the demands of today’s transportation regulations, she founded DANGEROUS GOODS TRAINING INTERNATIONAL,  its Australian arm, DANGEROUS GOODS TRAINING AUSTRALIA, and also its US arm DANGEROUS GOODS TRAINING USA Caroline and her team of qualified instructors offer a variety of training formats, such as live computer-based training (known as 'webinars') for both groups and individuals.

Caroline understands the importance of training employees in the proper handling of hazardous materials to ensure safety, reduce health risks, prevent property damage and environmental harm.  She is constantly developing new training materials that are client-customised and cost-effective.

When you need  qualified, versatile, cost-effective hazmat trainers, contact Dangerous Goods Training USA.  The team will instantly team up with your company from day one and will provide training solutions that are tailored to your needs, schedule and budget.